Intellectual Property - What is it?


Businesses increasingly are recognising the value of branding and intellectual property.  When devising a protection and exploitation strategy it is important to consider that intellectual property rights are a complementary suite of rights which sometimes overlap (and sometimes leave gaps!).  Each intellectual property right should be looked at on both a stand alone basis and in conjunction with other intellectual property rights as the best protection can be obtained this way.  Copyright, trade marks and domain name registration are often ideally dealt with in tandem.  At MacRoberts we can assist you in devising an effective IP strategy to optimise the benefits to your business.

Intellectual property law frequently has to adapt to innovative technology.  We can keep you up to date on all developments in the law so that you are aware of and able to take advantage of changes which affect your business. We do this by issuing periodic electronic updates (e-updates) and publishing our IP Newsletter which can help you to keep abreast of developments in this varied and interesting branch of law.

Data protection is an area where the law has changed substantially with European and international data protection and privacy initiatives. The Data Protection Act 1998 now applies not just to all information processed automatically but also to most manual records and we are happy to help you to assess the implications for your business.


Why MacRoberts?

We have a large team of dedicated and experienced specialists who deal with IP matters on a daily basis so we know the challenges you face in the protection and exploitation of your IP assets. We can help you to identify issues and can advise you on how best to maximise income and minimise risks.

If you need to protect your rights the members of the contentious arm of our team are always on hand to seek speedy remedies through the courts.

Our corporate, pensions and tax teams are used to advising technology companies and understand the particular problems faced by these types of business whilst our employment team is accustomed to dealing with employment and consultancy contracts and can provide advice on all aspects of these types of arrangement.